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Gold City Ventures

Manifestation Journal

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This 40 page Manifestation Journal template will help you to easily create an in demand product for your e-commerce shop. Customize in Canva.

Are you overwhelmed and want to create printables without all the time and effort of building something completely from scratch? For the seller with big goals and little time, this template is for YOU.

The template is not a finished end product and contains placeholder text that you will edit to make your own.

Each section is pre-made for you based on what your future customers expect to see in the product. It was also hand-selected by our staff as a good product to resell based on keyword research, sales potential, and ability to turn it into other products.

This template was created for business owners who want to edit and resell digital products on sites such as Etsy, Shopify, or their own blogs. It comes with the commercial use license listed below.


This PLR template is OK for commercial use -- meaning that you can purchase this template, edit the design, and sell the end product as your own.

This template CANNOT, however, be resold as a template that competes with this product.

This product is subject to © COPYRIGHT and is the intellectual property of “Gold City Ventures”. By purchasing this template you are agreeing to our terms and understand what you are purchasing. 

We are not affiliated with or sponsored by Etsy in any way. We cannot guarantee results or earnings from selling printables. We do not purport this to be a get rich quick scheme. By signing up for our products or services, you agree to review the policies in the Etsy Seller Handbook. We will not provide tax or legal advice.


This product is made in Canva. You can edit, change the color, add text, add your logo, and many more.

What do you get with purchase?

You will receive a PDF with a link to your template which is editable in Canva.

This template is provided in size US letter.


Template Pages Include:

  • 3 Different Cover Designs
  • Steps in Manifesting your goals
  • 12 Laws of the Universe
  • Angel Meaning Numbers
  • Affirmations for Relationship
  • Affirmations for Success
  • Affirmations for Self-Love
  • Affirmations for Wealth
  • Affirmations for Health
  • Life Affirmations
  • Daily Affirmations (2 Pages)
  • Self-Worth Mirror
  • Vision Bubble
  • Manifestation Milestones
  • Ask the Universe
  • Daily Planner
  • Weekly Action Plan
  • Vision Board
  • Manifestation Timeline
  • Bucket List
  • Affirmations (Blank)
  • 369 Method
  • Things that I'm grateful
  • Things to Get Done
  • Self-care Log
  • Daily Manifestation
  • Wheel of Life
  • Action Brainstorm
  • Level 10 Life Inventory
  • Limiting Beliefs
  • Negatives to Positives
  • Notes

Can I sell this product on Etsy?

Yes! You can edit the design as you wish and then sell on another platform. Be sure to follow the rules of the Etsy Seller Handbook if you sell on Etsy which requires more changes to a product than font and color tweaks.

Where can I learn best practices for selling products like these?

We recommend checking out the Gold City Ventures free printables workshop, which teaches our strategies for making and selling digital products on Etsy.



We do not accept returns and refunds due to the nature of the product. This is a digital product.

There will be no physical product to be shipped. You'll get access to your product instantly after your purchase.

If you have any questions regarding how to download and use the product, don't hesitate to message us.


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